Enthusiasm, innovation, accuracy, solid expertise,
privacy, fast consultancy and advisory service, low fees, high quality,
international scope of legal action.

These are just but a few values that characterise the Sanzin Law Office to which, it is worth adding, a constant professional updating, data protection, the widest availability through a 24h call-in service, any time of the year, technological quality for using the most advanced information technology equipment.

Within the scope of our professional structure, where the criteria of sorting out and dealing individually with specific issues and customised specialisation, in the various branches of law, are paramount for the law experts, apart from senior layer Samo Sanzin, there are also three other full-time lawyers working in our office. These are sided with many external legal advisors, among whom

lawyers, tax experts, accountancy specialists, as well as many foreign and Italian correspondents, all of them linked together in an accurate network. The latter is made up of legal experts who jointly operate in the field of legal consultancy for the Eastern Europe countries and, especially, though not limited to them, Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia and Russia.

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Lawyer dr. Samo SANZIN

The Sanzin Law Office has been giving legal advice to its clients
for more than 40 years, and two generations have contributed to it,
always with utmost care and attention.

Lawyer dr. Samo SANZIN was born in Gorizia on 16.02.1963. He obtained his High School Diploma at the Slovenian Classical Lyceum in Gorizia. He graduated in Law from the University of Trieste. He’s currently enrolled in the Charter of Professional Lawyers of Gorizia and is authorised to pledge in the Cassation Court in Rome. He’s an independent lawyer and is in charge of the Sanzin Law Office, which has been giving legal advice for more than forty years. He’s also got a domicile in Ljubljana (Slovenia) and is Member of the Association of Advisors’ Board of Slovenia Limited Companies and of the Rotary Club Ilirija of Ljubljana.


The Sanzin Law Office can operate all over Italy and abroad, mostly in Slovenia, Russia, Croatia and Serbia. Its legal consultancy and advice are addressed to both Italian clients operating in those countries and to foreign clients operating in Italy.

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Foreign Languages: Slovene, Russian and English both written and spoken.


Four lawyers, loads of specialisations
and an international team of legal advisors.

Thanks to its network of lawyers, professional experts and consultants the Office is currently cooperating with, it can provide legal advice throughout Italy and abroad, for a wide variety of legal issues.

Its international vocation guarantees you the capacity of managing issues that require a co-operation between different countries.

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  • Civil law
  • Labour law
  • Trade and company law
  • Administrative and tax law
  • Family and succession law
  • Transport law
  • Road injury law
  • Bankruptcy law
  • Banking, finance and insurance law
  • Property
  • Litigations and arbitrations


  • International trade law
  • Real estate
  • International arbitration
  • Road injury law (particulary in
    Slovenia, Serbia,
    Montenegro and Croatia);


  • Crimes towards people
  • Crimes towards property
  • Crimes towards public administration
  • Crimes of justice
  • Crimes of white collars
  • Tax crimes


Studio Legale Sanzin - ITALIA
via A. Diaz, 11 | 34170 Gorizia
VAT N. 01050950318
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ph: +39/0481/33803
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fax: +39/0481/33415

Studio Legale Sanzin - SLOVENIA
Kapiteljska ulica 9 | 1000 Ljubljana

ph: +39/0481/33803
mob: +386/30/248266
fax: +39/0481/33415


The Sanzin Law Office benefits from insurance policy with an insurance company, the UNIPOLSAI ASSICURAZIONI L.t.d., to cover up risks arising from its professional activity.